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Data acquisition

In towed streamer marine seismic surveys, we image the subsurface structure by analyzing the reflected waves from beneath the seabed. Historically, this imaging was challenging due to “ghost” wave reflections also coming from the sea surface. Towing streamers shallower is one solution to eliminate ghost reflections but then noise generated from the sea surface becomes a problem, as well as maintaining streamer depth control.

Tansa is equipped with PGS dual sensor “GeoStreamer®”. By using pressure sensors and vertical velocity sensors, GeoStreamer® can discriminate between sea bottom reflections from ghost reflections, effectively “de-ghosting” the reflected signals. This allows the streamers to be towed deeper, reducing unwanted noise from the sea surface, improving low frequency signal and allowing streamer control and data acquisition to continue in higher sea states.

Combining the latest acquisition technology onboard with our experienced crews, Tansa’s seismic acquisition efficiency and data quality delivers more value than ever.

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