OGF Technologies Overview of Geophysical surveys

Key Technology in Energy Industry

Geophysical surveys use advanced acquisition and imaging technology to visualize offshore subsurface structures using physical phenomena . There are a variety of survey technologies available, such as towed streamer, electromagnetic, gravity and bottom node surveys. “TANSA” explores for subsurface structures using seismic reflection waves. We call this method a towed streamer seismic survey.

Exploration of offshore resources is a gigantic scale industry requiring massive investment and lengthy lead times from the initial exploration to final production. Towed streamer seismic surveys don’t just sit at the upstream segment of the energy industry but deliver the fundamental technology for success throughout the offshore project. Energy companies will use seismic data for their exploration plans. During the production, imaging accurate subsurface structures is the key point of efficient investment and risk management. Recently, seismic technology is also being utilized for CCS/CCUS, searching for suitable reservoirs, and monitoring captured CO2.

The Japanese government’s “Domestic Oil and Gas Basic Survey” project, which OGF has been selected to operate on behalf of JOGMEC, is a national project to complement and accelerate investment in domestic offshore resources, with the seismic data being acquired by “TANSA” being available to both domestic and international energy companies.

Seismic Survey On board

Our vessel “TANSA” tows a number of equipment to monitor the subsurface structure. Air gun is a source of seismic waves, and the streamer cable is a receiver which catches the waves reflected from the seabed or layer surface. We can visualize the subsurface structure by converting the received waves into electronic signals.